To book a FIELD TRIP please refer to the following steps:

1) Select the date on the calendar that you would like to come to the zoo. If the date you selected is red, that date is not available. Please select a different date. 

2) Click the red "Reserve" Button that pops up on that date.

3) Click "Checkout" on the right side of the screen and follow the step by step instructions on the following screens to finalize the registration.  Payment will not be collected until the day of your field trip. 

You will receive a receipt sent to your email upon completion of your registration. This is an estimate of the cost of your field trip. Total cost may change depending on the actual  number of students and adults. You do NOT need to contact the Zoo to update your numbers. 

To book a EDUCATION PROGRAM please refer to the following steps:

Education Programs are 30 minute curriculum based presentations featuring 3 animal ambassadors. You must first register for a field trip before registering for a program. 

1) Click "View all Categories" on the left side of the screen

2) Click "2- Education Programs"

3) Select the time slot that you would like and the corresponding date of your field trip. If the date is red, that time slot is not available, choose another time. 

4) Click "Checkout" and proceed with the steps for information input.

Contact us at with any questions! 

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